Information related to the third edition

The third edition of the book, Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: from MATLAB to C with the TMS320C6x DSPs, adds more support for the latest high-performance DSP hardware from Texas Instruments, the OMAP-L138 Low Cost Development Kit (LCDK) board, but still supports the OMAP-L138 Zoom Experimenter Kit and the C6713 DSK.  The OMAP-based boards use a multi-core device that includes both a C6748 core and an ARM9 core.  We are aware that newer DSP hardware will likely be introduced faster than another edition of the book can be published, and therefore this website we will provide the support needed to use the book with such newer hardware as appropriate.  We will also use this site to provide software updates and additional resources.

For instructors who adopt the book, additional materials (e.g., solutions manual, copies of all figures) are available directly from the publisher.  Instructors may request evaluation copies of the text directly from the publisher.

Warning: CCS 6.1 (C compiler version 8) Issues!!!  Read this before using CCS 6.1 with our projects.


3rd edition cover

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