The authors have collected here some external links to useful web sites that you may find helpful and/or interesting.


Educational DSP, LLC (no longer making new products).  Note: the original company URL has been taken over by a very different company.

Texas Instruments DSP

Texas Instruments University Program

Texas Instruments makes the new OMAP-L138 LCDK board -- highly recommended!  Info.  Order the board.  You'll also need a 14-pin XD100 emulator pod (not the 20-pin version).

Logic PD makes the OMAP-L138 board for Texas Instruments

Spectrum Digital makes the C6713 DSK for Texas Instruments

Connexions (a free educational source for many topics, including a wide range of signal processing concepts)

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

The IEEE Signal Processing Society

A popular independent web site for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engineers around the world

The American Society of Enginereing Education (ASEE)

The ASEE Computers in Education Division (CoED), which publishes many articles related to DSP education

The main site for CRC Press, publisher of our book

CRC Press RT-DSP text, 1st Ed.

CRC Press, RT-DSP text, 2nd Ed.

CRC Press, RT-DSP text, 3rd Ed.

Signal Processing Information Base (SPIB) , a repository of many signal sets for DSP

Wyoming Image and Signal Processing Research (WISPR) Laboratory

The MathWorks, Inc. (makers of Matlab)

A fairly basic MATLAB Tutorial

A more extensive MATLAB Tutorial

A tutorial site for C and C++ programming

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