Warning: CCS 6.1 (C compiler version 8) Issues 

The latest version of CCS has a new C compiler that can cause problems with existing code, including programs written to support the Real-Time DSP text.  The issue is that the latest version of the TI C compiler (v8.x) that comes with CCS no longer supports generating COFF object files (EABI ELF is the only output format with the new version).  This causes linking errors and therefore the code won’t compile and run.  ELF has some nice features for enhanced debugging, but is not backward compatible with the older, simpler COFF.

We have a solution identified for our projects, such that they can create and use ELF object files as needed, and are in the process of implementing it.  For most projects, this will only involve changing just a couple files in the common code directory. More information will be posted to this web site shortly.  The revised code will also accompany the upcoming 3rd edition of the text.

A possible interim work-around is to is to go to your project properties and select an older version of the C compiler that will then allow you to select COFF as the output format, as shown in the screen shot below.

screen shot


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