Information related to the first edition

The first edition of the book, Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: from MATLAB to C with the TMS320C6x DSK, is still in use around the world, and was printed in both English and Chinese.  It is intended to be used with either the C6711 DSK or the C6713 DSK from Texas Instruments.


Software revisions  Note: All CD files revised prior to 9/1/2006 are provided on the CD that is included with the 2nd printing.

Important: Some recent versions of several antivirus software packages have been mis-classifying the installer programs on the 1st printing CD as Trojan horse programs. This is almost always a false positive, and is apparently due to a decision by the antivirus software manufacturer to detect the binary signature of all installers created by the version of the installer software that was used for the CD. The updated installers (see below) use a later version of the software and do not have this problem. In the meantime, the CCS/Matlab source code directories can simply be  copied from the CD's data directory. The updated installers for winDSK6 and the other programs can be obtained from the Educational DSP link below.

DSK6xxxHPI Daughtercard downloads

Other support from Educational DSP, LLC

1st edition cover front and back--English              1st edition cover--Chinese

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