Real-Time Digital Signal Processing
from Matlab to C with the TMS320C6x DSK
Welch, Wright, Morrow

Errata for Printings 1 and 2:

Appendix  B:

Page 302 - B.3.5, 3rd paragraph, 2nd line - change "global variable data" to "global variable audio_data".
Page 306 - B.5.5, 1st paragraph, 3rd line - change "global variable data" to "global variable PcmData".

Appendix  C:
Page 313 - The last sentence of the fourth paragraph, "In the above example, the division by two would best be accomplished as a 1-bit right shift." should be deleted.

Appendix D:
Page 330 - The last sentence on the page should read "The winDSK6 software and the other software tools described in Appendix E all use the HPI."

Appendix E:
Page 332-333 - There are a number of instances where "\_" occurs in identifiers - in all cases, the "\" should be deleted.