Introduction to this site

This web site is intended for engineering educators, industry engineers, or anyone else who wants a practical, hands-on path to becoming proficient with real-time digital signal processing (also called real-time DSP or RT-DSP).

This site primarily provides support for the book Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: from MATLAB to C with the TMS320C6x DSPs from CRC Press.  On this web site we will upload helpful items such as errata for the text, additional content, additional real-time DSP projects, software updates, any updates related to the DSP hardware described in the book, information on how to use the book and the associated software with DSP hardware introduced after publication of the book, additional signals to use with the DSP projects, and any other handy things we can come up with.

2nd edition cover

The book's third edition is the latest version:

ISBN: 9781498781015 
CRC Catalog number: K29948
Available as of January 2017 from multiple sources

The primary hardware supported by the third edition text is the OMAP-L138 LCDK board from Texas Instruments, which provides a multi-core C6748 and ARM9 processor package. Support is also provided for the OMAP-L138 Zoom Experimenter's Kit and the Texas Instruments C6713 DSK.  This web site will also add support for any appropriate newer boards as soon as possible.  Things move fast in the DSP world, and we can update this web site faster than we can publish a new edition of the book!  Note: at the request of some readers, we have added support on the 3rd edition software page for users of the 6748 version of the LCDK. While we recommend the multi-core OMAP-L138 LCDK instead, it is possible to run any of our C code projects on the 6748 single core LCDK with minor modification.  However, the winDSK8 program (and other PC-based interface tools, such as C8X_DEBUG) will only run on the OMAP-L138 version of the LCDK.

2nd edition cover

The book's second edition is is still in use around the world and is available from multiple sources.

ISBN: 9781439883037 
CRC Catalog number: K13903

The primary hardware supported by the second edition is
the OMAP-L138 (multi-core C6748 and ARM9) Zoom Experimenter's Kit and the Texas Instruments C6713 DSK.

1st edtion cover--English    1st edition cover--Chinese

The book's first edition (available in both English and Chinese) is still in use around the world, but we suspect only used copies would now be available.  The English-language version info:

ISBN: 9780849373824 
CRC Catalog number: 7382

The primary hardware supported by the first edition text includes the Texas Instruments C6711 DSK and the C6713 DSK, with limited support for the C6211 DSK.

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