Additional information for Appendix A, an overview of Code Composer Studio (CCS)

These files provide a brief introduction and tutorial to working with Code Composer Studio to develop and run C-code in real time on the boards supports by our book.

Updates for CCS 5.x.  

For some multi-user computer environments, we have found that CCS 5.2 (and perhaps 5.3) may cause a small problem with access permission to the code library.  In these instances, the first time CCS is used to build a project, permissions are set such that rts6000.lib can only be used by the person's account that was logged on when that first project was built.  This causes a problem for any other person may want to use the same computer system using their own account, in that they will encounter the error "rts6000.lib permission denied" when trying to build their projects.  The solution is to have someone with Administrator rights on the computer add "everyone" to the permission name list.


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